Our SEO Process

Our Client's Experience, Starting From Our Initial Discussion Through To Their Complete Commitment And Engagement.

Growth Focussed Approach

Over 90% of our clients work with us for longer than 12 months as a partner.

Our SEO Process Step By Step

The foundation of any effective search engine optimization campaign is strategic planning and preparation. The more we comprehend about your company and objectives, the better positioned we’ll be to deliver optimal results.

During our initial SEO consultation, we will:

1) Learn the details of your business and offerings.
2) Actively listen to fully understand your desired outcomes for the campaign.
3) Identify the key search terms you want your business to rank highly for.
4) Conduct an analysis of your competitors’ websites while screen sharing, to illustrate the specific SEO strategies they have leveraged to achieve their current rankings.
5) Provide estimates on the timeframe and investment required to attain your target rankings and goals.

Our in-house team of keyword researchers conducts a thorough investigation and analysis to gain insight into the current SEO landscape in your industry.

We search for overlooked keyword ideas that present easy opportunities for success, as well as examine the strategies of top-ranking websites to determine their targeted keywords.

Next, we will carefully choose the keywords that align with both our expertise and your business goals for your campaign.

After settling on the optimal keywords to focus on for your initiative, we will schedule a video meeting to discuss our conclusions. During this call, we will explain exactly how we will propel your business to the top spot on Google.

Throughout this meeting we will:

1) Examine our methodology for running a successful search engine optimization campaign.
2) Present our keyword research findings, outlining the best strategy moving forward.
3) Describe how our monthly and quarterly reporting process operates, including a live demonstration of our dashboard tool so you can monitor your campaign constantly.
4) Break down our budget recommendations and the outcomes we can produce.
5) Review our full terms of service.

Be on the lookout for the Welcome Email from Munish, our Founder. This important message will have:

– A link to schedule the official onboarding call where we’ll outline the plan for the upcoming months.
– A link to set up automated billing so payment is hassle-free.

The Welcome Email will also have the onboarding paperwork to finish before we launch your campaign. This includes:

– The email addresses to send our monthly progress reports to.
– The login credentials so we can access your website.

We will be having an important conference call to walk through the tailored search engine optimization plan we created for your company. This call is crucial for several reasons:

1) It provides total transparency into the SEO campaign before it launches so everyone has a clear picture of what to expect.

2) It ensures alignment that the SEO approach we outlined supports your business goals.

3) It allows you to oversee the rollout comfortably, with full understanding of the optimization tactics we will implement behind-the-scenes to deliver results.

4) It gives us another opportunity to demonstrate how our 24/7 dashboard operates, enabling you to track campaign progress in real-time whenever needed.

Let’s get started! The first step is to thoroughly analyze your website manually for search engine optimization.

This is crucial to ensure we are building your online presence on a solid foundation. After the analysis is done, it’s time to fix all the issues we found.

These improvements may include:

1) Enhancing title tags, URLs, meta descriptions and content on all relevant pages of the site.
2) Creating any new web pages needed.
3) Improving existing content.
4) Deleting redundant pages.
5) Combining multiple current pages that may work better together.
6) Optimizing internal links to increase the relevance of your target pages.
7) Making any other necessary optimizations, including page/website speed optimization, optimizing core web vitals, and so on.

The foundation has been laid, and this initial step alone will likely have a huge positive impact across your entire website. Now begins the work of increasing your site’s authority and reach. We accomplish this through two main avenues: enhancing the relevance and value of your content, and developing an organic backlink building strategy.

Month after month, our content and link building team will consistently:

1) Research relevant keywords to target in your blog posts, analyze how your competitors approach similar topics, and create optimized content for each keyword that provides more useful information for searchers. We’ll then format the content with proper layout and visuals before publishing it on your site on an ongoing basis.

2) Build relevant backlinks to your site by conducting outreach to other high-quality websites relevant to your industry or location. These trusted third-party sites that link back to you boost your site’s authority in the eyes of search engines.

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